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  • Scientific Vision is a newly established company founded by a group of healthcare professionals, who used to be end users themselves. The founders held many leadership positions in diagnostic and clinical research fields with many achievements.

    Our experience, as customers, with the limitations of the local market in terms of product quality, delivery time and choices was the reason to believe that we can and must lead the change to overcome these limitations.

    This explains why Scientific Vision was established as customer focused business enterprise. The advantage of seeing everything through the customer's perspective will definitely help us in planning our services, products selection and business partnerships to increase our market share.

  • To provide the local market with locally and internationally designed and manufactured products stamped with the highest national and international quality stamp using national manpower and resources.

  • We are dedicated to provide the clinical diagnostic and research laboratories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East Region in the future with the latest laboratory technology, services, reagents and supplies.

    It is our goal to play a major national and international role in translating science into accessible, reliable, and profitable products and services.

    We are self-committed to provide the highest quality products and services in acceptable time frame with the best possible value to our clients in the fields of Molecular Biology, Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Lab Quality Consultation.

  • As a modern company we are totally committed to our values which are:

    • Customers' and employees' satisfaction and needs is the heart of our planning.
    • Deploy and provide safe products and services.
    • cost effective operations.
    • Full compliance with national and international regulations related to our business.
    • Continuous assessment and improvement towards excellence.


To step away from the disadvantages of the traditional hierarchical organization structure (such as slow responsiveness, low morale and weak loyalty to company's values), Scientific Vision has established a Strategic and Planning Committee (SPC) with clear goal to direct and re-align all company's activities toward our mission and vision.

Because SPC formation was based on the concept of balanced merge between science and business management, SPC members were selected carefully based on their scientific background (representing customer needs) and company's management (representing business needs).

SPC members were selected to provide independent expert advice, scrutiny and oversight across the increasingly broad range products and services at the Scientific Vision. The members of SPC provide expertise in areas considered important for the company's future scientific developments.


Sino Biological Inc.

Sino Biological Inc was founded in January 2007 in Beijing, P.R. China by biotech pioneer and worldwide expert, MIT institute professor, Dr. Daniel I.C. Wang and his former student, Dr. Liangzhi Xie.

Sino Biological Inc is quickly becoming the leading global biological solution specialist, offering a comprehensive set of value-added and cost-effective premium quality solutions (services and reagents) to accelerate life science research and biological product development worldwide.

Its customers include top-10 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, small biotech companies, and academic institutions worldwide.

Norgen Biotek Corp

Norgen Biotek was founded in 1998 by Professor Yousef Haj-Ahmad. The company is located in a 24,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Thorold, Ontario, Canada a few blocks from Brock University.

Norgen is an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 15189 certified fully-integrated Canadian biotechnology company focusing on sample preparation. Norgen’s ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications indicate our commitment to manufacturing and selling high quality products, as well as our commitment to continually improving our company, our products and our quality management system. Our ISO 15189 accreditation emphasizes our commitment to quality in our laboratory and R&D services. Norgen’s scope of accreditation for ISO 15189 allows the company to provide high quality, competent molecular diagnostic testing for research purposes and clinical trials.

In addition, Norgen has received numerous awards over the years, including being recognized as one of Canada's Top 10 Life Science Companies.

AccuVis Bio

AccuVis Bio is a biotechnology company developing proprietary biotechnology-derived technology platform that has multiple applications in life sciences, manufacturing live cell rapid detection, diagnostics, monitoring and therapeutic applications. Our technologies are simple, reliable and rapid test solutions that detect viable bacteria and other microorganisms quantitatively in less than 2 hours, several times faster than traditional petri culture technology, and more cost effectively than PCR protocol.

AccuVis Bio is a biotechnology company created with the goal to develop, manufacture and market potential rapid detection, diagnosis, monitoring and therapeutic applications. AccuVis Bio strive to lead and provide the Middle East markets with innovative in-vitro and in-vivo rapid diagnostics and medical solutions that are simple, easy to perform with excellent analytical sensitivity, specificity and cost-effective.

AccuVis Bio technologies and innovative offerings are based on multiple assay formats, adapted to multiple platforms and serving multiple stakeholders that, as a whole, might provide what the Middle East markets needs for a particular problem(s) and to enjoy complex quality care at lower total cost of operation and enhanced detection, diagnosis and treatment experience.

AccuVis Bio headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has local and international development and commercial capabilities. At the time of its founding the company already had exclusive access to more than 200 innovative and patented bacteriophages.

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